2012.01.30 RMFR at Sheriff Conference Las Vegas

Join us on January 30th in Las Vegas, Nevada where the organizers of the Raw Milk Freedom Riders will stand side by side with fellow Farm Food Freedom advocates as we educate the Nation’s Sheriffs about the injustice occurring against independent farmers around the country.

Location: Tuscany Suites & Casino Date: January 30, 2012 Time: 9-5

Interview of Sheriff Mack by Max Kane Sheriff Mack is the founder of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn. Full Details about the conference: January 29-31 CSPOA Conference & Casino
An example of how Sheriff’s can protect farmers from unnecessary government harassment can be learned from Sheriff Rogers in Elkhart County, Indiana who recently intervened for David
Hochstetler — operator of Forest Grove Dairy south of Middlebury.

Sheriff Mack often speaks to consumers and farmers about their rights, an example of how the education that Sheriff Mack provides can be helpful was the farm to table event at Quail Hollow Farm (the farmers will be at our booth sharing their food and story) read more about the food police crashing their event.


In order for us to bring in farm fresh food to share with the sheriffs and to get ourselves to Las Vegas we could use your financial support, you can DONATE here to support our attendance at the conference, any leftover funds will be donated to the County Sheriff Project.

If you would like to join us at the event email: farmfoodfreedom@yahoo.com

Attendees: Max Kane, Liz Reitzig, Laurie Cohen Peters, Sea j Jones , Quail Hollow Farm (more to come)

41 responses to “2012.01.30 RMFR at Sheriff Conference Las Vegas

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  2. I grew up on raw milk in NYS, than going in Navy got the dead stuff you get on grocery shelves. YUUK !!!!! Now i live in Northern IL i drink RAW milk My wife drinks Raw Milk i am a artisan cheese maker, YOU CANNOT make cheese from store bought milk !!!U meed RAW Milk I’m 73 an still alive from drinking RAW milk. The FDA is in the pocket of big dairy IMHO.
    I know this stuff from EXPERIENCE !!!! I am a bee Keeper they want you pasteurize HONEY think about that 4 a MINUTE !!!!Honey is anapestic , holistic ,full of nutrition, An a allergy fighter. Y make sugar out of it ?????

    • if that milk has something fun, like a pathogen lets say, and your little kid drinks it, guess what happens to your little kid.
      they get sick, over and over again
      so many pills and memories
      and better yet, those needed visits with hospitals to avoid death play right into the hands of big businesses who thrive on making your kid so riddled with side effects from pills that he will be bedridden by 34
      ah, memories

      • I agree with the last post I’ve been drinking it for years an at 73 yr’s I still drink raw milk.In Fact i can remember the MILK CAN in the spring house, an getting a nice dipper full every so often I can still see this as clear as it is right this moment , In Case you don’t know about a spring house , it is a nice cut out from where a underground spring comes to the surface. we had 4 large flat stones on either side of the running water This is where the milk cans stood an sometimes in the rear we kept eggs there, It was Whit with a front door an no windows. The bottom was chinked up real good 2 keep the critters out. I’m wondering today how that old beloved place is. Was in The Catskill Mts of NYS. memories of a time past.

  3. our dad raised us on whole raw milk


    he have never had a anti biotic
    and NONE OF US have ever taken A SOFT KILL FLU SHOT

    people need to wake up THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU


  4. Raw milk should be in every grocery in USA.
    I grow up on raw milk in Europe-Poland for 30 yrs, when I came to US to see dead milk, which I don’t touch!!!!

  5. This is being done to regulate the sale of raw milk while they provide guns and money to transport drugs from Mexico to the US! Yep, makes sense to me. NOT!

  6. J’ai reçu votre mail mais hélas je ne parle pas anglais mais le sujet m’intérésse, la vidéo pourrait-elle être traduite en français ?
    Très cordialement

  7. Amazing vision… A perfect place to take such an important message: Independence Park…. I met Liz Reitzig (and Em) on the way to Chicago. Her reasoning and purpose made perfect sense. Her gentle but resolute intentions were right on point. Jefferson’s vision of liberty is gracefully declared in her purposes: if the law doesen’t protect our liberties it’s our Freedom to change them. Ron Knight

  8. Hallelujah! Go Freedom Riders! Raw milk rocks! My family has been drinking it for 10 years. Returning our lovely glass jars to the farm to fill them up weekly. No nasty plastic jugs out-gassing toxic polymers into my milk so that my family can be the recipients of mimicking molecules. No contributions to the massive, floating waste patches in the oceans. Simply from the farmer to my family. THANK YOU for what you are doing!

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  10. First of all, thank you for what you’re doing! We’re doing what we can to repeal the anti-raw milk laws here in Florida!

    Secondly, does anyone know if the milk being distributed to other families to up the ante … do those families know that they’re involved in drinking milk that is a) raw and b) in violation of FDA regulations?

    I know it seems like a silly question but I want to be able to conclusively say “yes”. 🙂


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  12. Good luck everyone. We believe in what you stand for and we will be there in spirit! Be safe and thank you for fighting for our basic human rights!

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  14. here is a non profit rhetorical question: why is the government wasting money making raw milk illegal? There are not words to describe how inappropriate this makes me feel. people should be able to decide whether it is right for them… maybe the next thing will be raw vegetables (which are known for e coli). maybe it will be illegal to sell raw veggies soon. unbelievable.

    • Why is the Government wasting money chasing raw milk?
      Well, large corporate farms thrive on control, raw food is everywhere and can be cheaply grown by small farmers. CorpThink wants to eliminate raw food by making people believe that only boxed or packaged food is safe. This allows the big corps to control the food supple and make profits on little more than processed poisons. The first step of this process was started at the end of alcohol prohibition by making the growing of a useful plant illegal, cannabis and hemp. Just prior to J Edgar Hoovers making cannabis illegal to help sustain his newly created Federal Department, The FBI, the American Medical Association declared cannabis a medical wonder. Large Corporations and the International Finance Community own all governments (except maybe the ones we seem to be ‘freeing’ all the time) by use of fractional reserve banking or in layman’s terms, legalized usury, and acquiring control of the food supply is the best way to control populations, their ultimate power trip.
      To defeat these megalomaniacs, empower local, small biz and trust in homegrown!
      Go Freedom Riders, Go Raw and Live Well!!

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  16. I disagree CateK, FDA has been prosecuting those who bring raw milk into interstate commerce and farmers who sell in a different state are doing just that. With Dan’s buying club, for example, the purchasing is done on the MD side via check or cash drop-off or a means of that nature. The milk is transported over state lines so that a sale can be made. The purchaser doesn’t introduce it into interstate commerce, Dan does. Conversely, with the case of the recent White Oak demonstration, the milk was lawfully purchased within PA state lines and then transported over state lines by the consumer. This is not a case of interstate commerce since the sale happened in PA. It is an asinine argument in the end, but that is how FDA is making their moves in this scenario. I have worked with these definitions before and I can pretty much guarantee it. Dan bringing it across state lines to sell it = violates 21 C.F.R. 1240.61, consumer bringing it across state lines after purchase for personal use = does not violate 21 C.F.R. 1240.61.

  17. I think the point is that if a legal purchase is made (processed) in a state that allows sale of raw milk (like PA), then the transport of said, legally purchased milk, should be permitted to go to MD, NJ or other states. RIght now, the FDA prosecutes the farmers who transport the milk even when the purchase was made in their own state (via check or some other means).

  18. I will so be there !! I am a strong advocate for Raw Milk in Illinois specifically in regards to the statute we have here which prohibits advertising of raw milk. On our dairy we sell raw milk to over 100 customers a month, but they all say “Why didn’t I hear of you sooner?” My goal…to change the Illinois law. While you are transporting raw milkI will be advertising our raw milk sales. Enough is enough.

  19. If there is no sale of the raw milk once it has crossed state lines, you should not expect FDA to take any action. Their statement to the previous protest at White Oak showed that they have no intention to persecute individuals, but this was not a judgmental decision on their end, it was merely how they interpret the definition of “interstate commerce”.

    According to 21 C.F.R. 1240.61: “No person shall cause to be delivered into interstate
    commerce or shall sell, otherwise distribute, or hold for sale or other distribution after shipment in interstate commerce any milk or milk product in final package form for direct human consumption unless the product has been pasteurized.”

    By definition, interstate commerce requires transport over state lines AND sale of the product once over state lines. In the previous and forthcoming Raw Milk Freedom Riders protests, there was no sale once over state lines so the raw milk was not introduced into interstate commerce, hence why FDA didn’t intervene.

    I only point this out so folks understand what is actually happening. I don’t view the previous statement from FDA as them caving in the raw milk debate, I just see them not having a reason to intervene since by definition the reg was not broken. If there is an intent to get FDA’s intervention, transport over state lines AND sale in the illegal state would have to happen.

    …or at least that’s how I interpret it all.

      • I understand what Bobby is saying, however Michelle has a good point also.The problem obviously politically unnecessary, which takes freedom away.However,I have a different outlook,and though I myself don’t think I’m all educated,I will throw my oppinion anyway,so you can all tell me what you think.

        I feel there are two sides to this argument.On one side is the law makers,and the farmers the other.The reasons a for law makers argument is the risk of ecoli.My opinion is that problem is because most of us aren’t use to live enzymes,which causes a violent reaction.Its all a matter of time it takes for someone to get acclimated to it.I myself have had a bad reaction,but understood why,and it didn’t stop me from buying rawmilk!Another reason is a bad reaction due to human chemistry.If someone taking prescription drugs might not react so well with live enzymes,to where it amplifies the effectiveness,and who knows what else.Rawmilk should be for someone who lives more of organic lifestyle.And another point is safetyness of child consumption is actually much better than how bad the law makers make it out to sound,because it part of human development,and the sooner the exposure,the more they will be acclimated as adults.The problem,I feel is more a lack of education of the consumer.I do agree with Michelle that loopholes are a corrupt way law makers use to there advantage,but this is a dispute that has to be argued with facts.As most of us know,easier said than done;) But just as a final thought,to live a healthy lifestyle you have to choose one way or the other,because if you don’t you will never experience the full benefits.The more educating,the less likelyhood of running into health problems.

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