2012.03.02 Rally in Support of Vernon Hershberger in Wisconsin

Watch the event coverage on Justin.tv:

March 2, 2012 Rally for Vernon Hershberger and Food Freedom Activists come together to defend access to farm fresh food

Write up from the March 2 event: By David Gumpert

Baraboo, Wisconsin, isn’t especially close to any metropolitan area (nearly four hours from Chicago, even further from Minneapolis), yet some 300 people gathered in the snowy cold there Friday March 2 in support of raw dairy producer Vernon Hershberger. The Raw Milk Freedom Riders organized the rally in advance of a court hearing on whether Vernon Hershberger had violated the terms of his bail agreement, which stipulate he isn’t to sell raw milk or other foods via a retail store, or engage others to run his farm.

The rally was highlighted by the unveiling of an eight-foot-high rendering of the “Declaration of Food Independence”.It declared that “inherent in every individual is the God-given right to procure the food of one’s choice from consenting farmers and producers. The undersigned respectfully declare that we will peacefully reject laws and regulations that infringe on this God-given right.” The first signer was Vernon Hershberger. Rally speakers included Liz Reitzig, Michael Schmidt, and two members of Vernon’s food club. One of the members, Jenny, said, “I am not engaged in commerce. I am the owner of the animals.” Following the rally, about 175 of the participants jammed into the courtroom to watch the proceedings from the courtroom and an overflow room, where the proceedings were piped in via video. The judge eventually declined to rule on a request from the Wisconsin Attorney General to have Hershberger punished for allegedly violating the terms of his bail–he admonished the prosecutors for making their request via a letter rather than via a formal motion.

Thank you all for your support and generous donations,

Founders Farm Food Freedom Coalition

————————————————-Leading Up to the event—————————————————————————————

As the state of Wisconsin continues persecuting dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger, activists and supporters rally to his defense!  See complete article on The Complete Patient

Two Day Event in Support of Vernon Hershberger

Donate HERE to make this event possible

Thursday March 1, 2:00 – 5:30, followed by dinner
Friday March 2, 11:00-1:00 FOOD FREEDOM RALLY for Vernon

Know Your Rights!  Support Your Farmers!

Make History With An UNPRECEDENTED Stand Against Oppressive Regulations!

Eat Really Delicious FARM FRESH FOOD!

Join the RAW MILK FREEDOM RIDERS and Farm Food Freedom Coalition for an incredible two-day event Thursday, MARCH 1 and Friday, MARCH 2, 2012 in Sauk County, Wisconsin.

DAY ONE: Rights Workshop

Thursday, March 1, 2012 2:00 PM-5:30 PM followed by a Farm Food Dinner

(Space is limited.  Reserve your seat today.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to exercise your right to the foods of your choice!)
RSVP: RawMilkFreedomRiders@gmail.com

SPEAKERS and RIGHTS TRAINERS INCLUDE: Raw milk activist, Max Kane.  Canadian farmer and raw milk speaker, Michael Schmidt, Food Freedom Activist, John Moody, Author and blogger, David Gumpert, Dairy farmer and speaker, Mel Olsen and Raw Milk Freedom Riders/Farm Food Freedom Coalition Co-founder, Liz Reitzig and freedom activist and Constitutional scholar, Michael Badnarik .

Learn about a history of peaceful non-compliance, how to peacefully stand up for your rights in confrontational situations, how to take responsibility for your freedom.  Farm-fresh dinner to follow.

DAY TWO: Food Freedom Rally in Support of Vernon

Please also join us the following day, Friday, March 2nd, (11:00-1:00) for a FOOD FREEDOM RALLY in support of Wisconsin dairy farmer, Vernon Hershberger who faces criminal charges, and possible imprisonment, for providing raw dairy to his community via a private herd-share agreement.  Vernon courageously stands for food freedom and sets a new standard for farmer’s response to these egregious government violations.

Put into action your right to demonstrate as instructed in the workshop and show solidarity with all independent farmers everywhere prior to Vernon Hershberger’s 1:00 PM hearing.

Food Freedom Rally: Friday, March 2nd, 2012 11:00 AM-1:00 PM at Sauk County Circuit Court  515 Oak Street, Baraboo, WI 53913-2416


37 responses to “2012.03.02 Rally in Support of Vernon Hershberger in Wisconsin

  1. Raw milk is good for health.but,in some case raw milk packaging,pasteurization processes shows bad condition.There should be legislation against it.

  2. Am so with you in spirit. The Constitution states that the Federal Govt has ONLY the powers granted to it in the Constitution and that all other rights, freedoms and powers are retained by the states and the people. Since the State of Wisconsin did not put the right to produce, process and consume the foods of your choice, and in that for over a century the USDA has published information encouraging the production, processing, and consumption of a vast variety of foods by the citizens of the country, and whereas today Food Stamp recipients have the opportunity to purchase food bearing seeds, vines, and trees, the Federal Govt tacitly and seemingly explicitly seems to cede the right of the citizens of this country to grow, process and eat what they choose.
    This right NOT having been granted to any state within it’s constitution, the authority to make these choices is inherent in we the people.
    Since we the people have never given permission for these choices to be taken away from us, (although we have requested assistance in health and business protection from unscrupulous persons – usually businesses and corporations) but this never implied we had surrendered our freedom to produce, process, and consume foods of our choice.
    If we as citizens no longer have that right of decision, then no other citizen of this country has the same right and does not have the right to force THEIR opinions and desires upon other citizens. Corporations and scientific boards are all composed of fellow citizens who either share our right to make those same decisions, or are also denied the opportunity to make food decisions for themselves and others. History factually shows that we can trust corporations and scientific boards less than we can trust ourselves since there is an inherent conflict of interest involved in any food producing corporation and their assessment of food choice. “Scientists” frequently have similar conflicts of interest in their economic support of their income flow. If they work for any bureaucracy or company which can possibly benefit through food choice limitations, they will be inclined to rationalize these choices and impositions.
    Factually, there IS NO NEED to force these restrictions on the citizens, unless one is attempting to quell marketplace competition, control more of the food chain, or increase their power and authority. The lie which states that we need to prosecute these people is not needed. The food safety ordinances in effect allow for prosecution of unethical or unsafe food providers and are factually not utilized enough. Case in point being the toxic rBST. This move is entirely political and economic. It is abhorrent to all thinking people, which unfortunately does not include very many bureaucrats or corporate members. My suspicion is that when one reaches high level of office, they must put any IQ points over 40 or 50 into storage for retirement.


  3. I drank “raw” milk the first 6 years of my life and I enjoyed it; my best friend helped her dad on the dairy farm (3 houses over from me)… There was one boy who got sick drinking it in our town; also, my neighbors had to make sure there cows were tested for TB. One of my friends today is a vet and he did the circuit ride to all of the farms in that region of Masschusetts and certified healthy animals. With some careful conditions I would imagine people can enjoy “raw” milk but in such a huge country you would want to know where the milk came from. I had no hesitance drinking the milk from the neighborhood farms and I believe the farmers that sold us milk and eggs kept “pristine” conditions … I would want that kind of certitude if I were to buy milk today .

    • JD Rockefeller Sr. was literally a snake oil salesman whose personal physician was a homeopath. He started the AMA by funding medical colleges in the late 1800s and on. They had the best facilities, became most desired and respected, but had to teach pharmacology.
      The AMA was formed to gain respect because barbers and anyone used to practice medicine, so at least the certification was a good idea. The problem became the politics of the situation. The AMA leadership elects it’s own leadership. Not controlled at all by members.
      Now the AMA is pushing for legislation mandating ALL citizens to participate in vaccine trials (because they don’t get enough healthy volunteers, sniff, sniff. I say, you buggers are rich, pay a lot since you’re going to make money on the info you get!) I refuse regardless of the law.
      My body, screw them.

  4. Doesn’t the Constitution say that the right to contract shall not be impaired?
    The right to contract is over the Constitution.
    You have a right to contract, and a right NOT to contract. The government forces us to contract with them, which is like relating to gangsters. You have to learn how to un-contract with the government.
    You need an expert on contract/commercial law. The “government” is bambozzling everybody. The farmer has a contract with people. The government has no right to get involved in this contract situation that all parties agree to.

    Contact: peoples-rights.com
    Please stand up to these thugs. They must obey contract law or their public servant bonds can be liened on. They will have to pay PERSONALLY, if you understand how to handle it. You need an expert on commercial law to help. contact peoples-rights.com. Explain the situation.
    I think his email is: notaxman@dmv.com. He’s very smart. He knows how the system works, and how the government violates the system. They are making money by criminalizing your activity. They are the criminals.
    Please get in touch with notaxman@dmv.com
    I’m sick of these bullies. They have their rules that limit their behavior, but they pretend they can do whatever they want.

  5. The overreaching government “officials” will protect us against sale of raw milk products deemed harmful by them.However,when it comes to the slow death Monsanto is feeding us with their genetically modified crops, not a peep. Its time the people stand up for not only their food freedom rights but also their God given rights. We need to support people like Ron Paul and anyone that supports his and our founders principles.Long live Vernon Hershberger, a true patriot

  6. I am about to buy two or three cows and I will be openly selling raw milk. I have been thinking about it for years. Now is the time!

    • Great idea! Best of luck to you! Just make sure to research common law and the difference between YOU and your straw man. Whenever dealing with the court or police officers, remain in common law jurisdiction – do not contract with them.

  7. Very interesting… now the web site can be seen again without a proxy! (Germany)

    Your web site was being blocked earlier. I documented it and I should know as I am an Internet provider.

    Anyway, back to what I was here for… please keep up the good work. Your work is known to people all over the world. Your example will inspire others just like me who want to enjoy the rights we all are born with and share. Please tell others that we stand with you even an ocean’s distance away.

    • Carey, we remember our brothers and sisters back in Europe, and long for the day for a holy monarch where the king let the people mind their own business! We are sorry for the new EU diagnosis that water does not cure dehydration! Maybe they should look up the Greek word for water!

  8. Big brother wouldn’t be big brother without LITTLE brother. Little brother is your friendly neighbor who has nothing better to do but to look over his fence into YOUR yard and see if you have paid all of your taxes to cesar or that you are in compliance with all local ordinances, etc. So don’t joke with me and say that we are a ‘society of LAW’. We are a people menaced by a mob of aggressive bureaucrats. Under ‘law’ banks swindled away thousands of family farms. Food is life and here on lifeboat EARTH can we continue afloat with these parasites aboard or must we THROW THEM OFF?

  9. Politics is best handled on the local level.
    Pass County laws that regulate Raw Milk sales in your county.
    Pass laws that call for arrest, prosecution, and mandatory time in the county jail for anyone who interferes with a licensed provider or seller of raw milk.

    You have to elect constitutional sheriffs, Police Chiefs (if elected) county and city judges.

    On a side note: Ask your sheriff what he is going to do when Home Land Security calls him up and says: I am going to send some military folks down to help you go door to door and collect all guns and ammunition?

  10. My wife and I have had a ‘family cow’ for 20 years or so; her father the last non-pasturized dairy farmer in the aera. In addition to the Weston A Price organization, some of the things we have gleaned over the years personally are; (1) the cry from the pasturization camp was brought about by TB which was a direct result of the brewers waste coming from the liquor industry; fermented corn yields pathogen mono-cultures that transmit TB through lactation. (2) over stressing the herd for the sake of profiteering yields dangerous products. It is not uncommon for todays herds to be milked 3 times a day, large industry dairy’s spend their cows in 4 to 6 years (family cows last from 13 to 16 years) (3) cows are herbivores it is not good for them to be fed an exclusive grain supplement diet, they eat grass. Thats about it, refusing to get the basics correct will not solve the problem as I see it. Thanks.

  11. SomeOnr Should Ask her if she Has Any Children or has given birth to any> if She Answers yes to Both then ask her If She Eever Breast feed Them If She Says Yes teh Tell her She is in VIOLATION OF the LETTER OF THE LAW. WHy YOU MiGHT ASK. WELL SHE FEED HER CHILDREN RAW MILK> YES YOU HEQARD ME RAW MILK FROM HER OWN BODY NO DIFFRENCE BETWEEN HER BREAST MILK AND COWS MILK >BOTH ARE RAW UNPATERISED UNFILTERED MILK FEED TO HUMANS THINK ABOUT IT.?/////

    • INDEED!!!! The modern world trying to save us— one last time (couldn’t they at least wait until we choked down the Fukushima radiation?)!

      motherjones says:
      February 26, 2012 at 3:17 pm

      SomeOnr Should Ask her if she Has Any Children or has given birth to any> if She Answers yes to Both then ask her If She Eever Breast feed Them If She Says Yes teh Tell her She is in VIOLATION OF the LETTER OF THE LAW. WHy YOU MiGHT ASK. WELL SHE FEED HER CHILDREN RAW MILK> YES YOU HEQARD ME RAW MILK FROM HER OWN BODY NO DIFFRENCE BETWEEN HER BREAST MILK AND COWS MILK >BOTH ARE RAW UNPATERISED UNFILTERED MILK FEED TO HUMANS THINK ABOUT IT.?/////

    • To you , Vernon and everyone,
      I really care aboout what Vernon is going thru, his family and all of you genuine Patriots. I pray each day for victory for all well meaning people and I am willing to die for what is right. Friends, never be intinidated by evil. I t might look like evil people are wiinning. but the righteous WILL PREVAIL in the end. We will not win thru our own power or plans, we will only have victory by turning to Jesus, trusting in Him and obeying Him. Oh Lord, “…Through you we push back our enemies: through your name we trample our foes, I do not trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory; but YOU GIVE US VICTORY OVER OUR EMEMIES” Psalm 44: 5-7.

  12. Raw dairy products are a Biblical food, milk is mentioned in the Bible several times. Unpasteurized milk, designed by God, to nourish young animals and people, is a gift given by our Creator for good health and strength. Now allowing people to consume raw dairy products goes against freedom to practice our faith according to what the Bible tells us is good. We’re allowed to refuse vaccinations based on religious conviction reasons. We should also be allowed to consume a Biblical food based on religious conviction reasons.

  13. I was horrified at the lack of professionalism that woman displayed
    She was about to enter a place where food was packed/prepared,even sold dressed like that ?
    I would report her immediately
    her hair was free- No head cover? no mask ? no evidence of her disposable white suit sealed in airproof bag or gloves or wellies
    She would have walked into the area bringing her dog, snotty children, car gathered germs and whatever she had walked through too !
    Thats how you inspect a food area ?
    Report this -supported by her own photographic evidence

  14. Vernon, I’ve decided after watching these two jack-booted thugs in action to send you a few bucks. What I’d really like to send you are a couple of my very large and ornery Bull Mastiff’s that have a particularly discriminating appetite for two-legged communist pot belly pigs. Would have been quite entertaining to see my two bulls escorting these two “Sus offecinalis” off of your private property by their pant legs.

    • As I DON’T believe in religious liberty, I firmly believe Amish people need to open up their Bibles to the part where it says,

      “Luke 22:36-38:

      Then He said to them, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, LET HIM SELL HIS GARMENT AND BUY ONE. For I say to you that this which is written must still be accomplished in Me: ‘And He was numbered with the transgressors.’ For the things concerning Me have an end.” So they said, “Lord, look, here are two swords.” And He said to them, “It is enough.”

      If someone is afraid to shoot swine that destroy his crops, he needs to remember the Castle doctrine, the right to bear arms, and the right to self defense, and OUR DUTY to defend God’s creation and the future of OUR CHILDREN.

  15. It appears that Jackie and her fellow heifer boy have been grazing at the public trough for too long. Perhaps it’s time to send them to pasture. On another note…Vote for Ron Paul 2012!!

  16. After watching the video above, maybe someone should ask her if she has a garden and if she gives any of the produce to anyone besides immediate family. If so, then she needs to have the garden and her storage/distribution area (kitchen) properly inspected by the authorities.
    Do they do this for everyone that sells produce at a roadside stand? Are everyone that sells at a farmer’s market subjected to this scrutiny?

    • These communist drones need to be held accountable. And told to
      get their 30 shekels of silver somewhere else. Enough of the ” I
      need to feed my family” argument. Monsanto is not food. It is poison.

    • What concerns me is she represents people who trust her that may never have had the experience of doing their garden, knowing what its like and how much care it takes. They only know they get their groceries from a store.

  17. This is our chance to take our freedoms back. Don’t just sit back and let someone else do it for you. Too many people have sacrificed for our freedoms in this country to let them get gradually taken away by the growing corporatocracy.
    When you are being oppressed, if you are not resisting, then you are either a puppet or a coward.

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