2011.11.01 Raw Milk Freedom Riders – Kick Off Event

Raw Milk Freedom Riders Event – Nov 1, 2011 – FDA – Silver Spring, MD

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Our first Raw Milk Freedom Riders Event was full of energy and well attended by supporters across the nation. It was a perfect kick-off for our commitment to pressure the FDA to discuss their policies towards interstate commerce and protest their current military approach to our farmers. We received a call from the FDA opening the lines of communication, we are awaiting the specifics and we will continue with our next Raw Milk Freedom Riders from WI, ending in Chicago, IL.  Thank you all for joining us, the national support from raw milk drinkers and those passionate about the freedom to pursue healthy, unprocessed foods shows the broad support for this issue which serves as a canary in the coal mine for the greater food freedom movement. — Karine Bouis-Towe

Press Coverage following the Nov. 1st Event:







“live” coverage of the event http://www.robertscottbell.com/blog/raw-milk-freedom-rides-again-on-the-robert-scott-bell-show-november-2-2011/



Event Details:

Join the Raw Milk Freedom Riders

Caravan of mothers defy FDA interstate commerce and food safety law on raw milk in support of farmers across the nation willing to supply fresh milk to mothers across state lines risking their business to serve their customers.

The Caravan will cross from PA into Maryland on Route 1 on Nov. 1st, if you want to join the caravan contact (Lizreitzig@gmail.com)! OR meet us at the rally! Don’t forget your raw milk banners and writing on your windows to let the public know you support pastured, raw milk!

Speakers Include: Joel Salatin, Mark McAfee, David Gumphert, Max Kane, Michael Schmidt, Liz Reitzig, Karine Bouis-Towe and many other mothers from across the nation.

Brought to you buy www.FarmFoodFreedom.org

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Media Contact: Liz Reitzig (Lizreitzig@gmail.com)

Press Coverage Prior to the Nov. 1st Event:

Mike Adams talks with raw milk activist Liz Reitzig on the Alex Jones Show (YouTube)

Mothers to hold “Raw Milk” demonstration outside the FDA (Washington Times)

“Raw Milk Mommies” to demonstrate at FDA (CrunchyChewyMama.com)

What Happens When Max Kane Tries to Report a Food Crime to the FDA? Preparing for Nov. 1 “Freedom Riders” (The Complete Patient)

Max Kane calls out FDA to enforce raw milk law against moms — will the agency show up on Nov. 1 (NaturalNews.com)

RMFR – Raw Milk Freedom Riders event to host some of the biggest names in the health freedom movement (NaturalNews.com)


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